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Zen path storyline.

  1. My day begins with waking, often a quiet, groggy sequence.
  2. I try to meditate as soon as I can after I'm awake.
  3. I usually have coffee and granola for breakfast.
  4. I will usually turn to social networking and chat to see what's going on.
  5. There is usually a morning drive.
  6. I usually do co-working and client meetings in the library.
  7. Lunch is usually coffee and some pizza variant.
  8. Music is listened to.
  9. I spend some time with my kids.
  10. We go for a walk.
  11. I do some design work in Inkscape.
  12. Dinner is usually a grain, legume, and a veg.
  13. I spend a lot of time in the day food logging.
  14. I often teach or present at night.
  15. I spend some time every day breathing mindfully.
  16. I usually encounter a longer walk at night.
  17. Then driving home.
  18. Often this is when social phone calls take place.
  19. Then, streaming video.
  20. Sleeping.  

I'm not especially pleased with all of the sketches, but this is the third revision, and I tend to work better in digital form. Loving the process. 

initial sketches of referents. 

Reasonable revision of referents. 

In progress. 


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