Zelda found glitch edit [Updated Significantly!]

The other day I tried playing my copy of The Legend of Zelda for NES and it resisted working at first, I documented it close up with my phone while it had a fireworks glasses filter over the lens.

Here's a gif of some randomly scattered sprites flickering

Here's a  version with the frames altered in text edit and reduced frame count

ffmpegx ver 0.0.9x  is great for intentionally messing up gifs, if you try to convert them into avi files

This datamoshed gif was made by copy and pasting frames in avidemux

Took another frame from the video and used Kim Asendorf's pixel sorting and then rotated the image and limited the colors in photoshop

I later made a gif set for tumblr alternating the colors

Here it is right after pixel sorting with no editing.

Here's 3 frames of find-replace text edit glitching of the last image

I took the past gif and used each of the 3 layers to represent a different layer of the RGB colorspace, edited the color and cropped in selections for an animated gif

I tried out the data mashing these two images both photos of a different pattern it showed when the game didn't start, I then did various types of databending

cropped in gif of last image

For the last lesson I decided to stay within the Zelda theme, and edit an mp3 of the theme music, above is what my tiff looked like before switching it back to .mp3 and removing the tiff header

Here is a close up, I imported a tiff of the overworld theme and then used the new triforce symbol as a selection and took chunks the overworld theme's data and pasted them onto the intro theme.

Listen to it here!

Hue-changing gif of the close-up

I will update this with more content as the class goes/free time alows


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