Zee Bikes



eezy ride / eezy life


Bike smarter, live smarter


Ride your bike like you ride your life


Time is priceless / Live priceless


Brand manifesto

Time is more than money. Time is effort, responsibilities, knowledge. We don’t want you to waste your precious time; we want you to use it with purpose. Zee bikes is a faster, eco-friendly alternative to your average transportation, that’ll make you save the most valuable thing in life.

Choose smart.

Time is priceless. Live priceless.



Zee Bikes - image 1 - student project


Big idea

The campaign will follow for 2 days the trip of 2 to 3 people to work, and collect they’re thoughts.

The first day they’ll use their usual transportation, whether it’s by car, bus, subway, etc. It’ll be highlighted the difficulties of the commute, like the bus or subway being too crowded.

The second day, they’ll use a zee bike. The highlight will be the easier time that they’ll have on getting to work (with them arriving early for example), and what they'll do with the spare time (getting coffee, chatting).

After that, the campaign will collect the thoughts of the participants, and whether they rather continue using a bike or other transportations. At the end, they’ll receive as a gift the zee bike that they used.


Commercial script

Black Screen

White words start appearing; the narrator reads them.

Narrator: On average, an American spends between 54 to 102 hours in traffic per year.

Classic traffic jam sounds can be heard on background. Narrator continues to read.

Narrator: Imagine what you can do with all this time.

Screen start showing people doing various activities: reading books, hiking, spending time with family, playing games, etc.

Narrator: But how can you save so much time? With Zee bikes, it’s easy.

Screen shows people reading a zee bike, talking and smiling, maybe going to work.

Narrator: Build the free time you deserve; make the smart choice for your life.

Fade to white.

Zee bikes logo appears.

Narrator: Bike smarter, live smarter.


Radio script

I believe that the commercial script can be easily adapted for radio.


Youtube ad

The ad has no dialogue, and it should be just 20 to 30 seconds long.

It starts with a young woman ready to go to work; she opens the door and the camera quickly switches to a man doing the same and stays on him.

He approaches the car and enters. Cut to the woman, which is preparing to ride her zee bike.

Cut again, this time the man is in an obnoxious traffic jam. He’s visually upset, he honks and screams and put his hands on his face; cut.

The woman is relaxed, passing easily on the side of the same traffic jam; the man can be seen looking at her with frustration.

The camera follows her as she passes by, fades to black and then the headline appears.