Zee Bikes

Zee Bikes - student project



Find your lane.

Move with ease.

Ride with joy.

Brand manifesto

This is not about your heart rate. It is not about shedding the extra pounds. Or about bringing down carbon emissions. This is about taking something back. Remember that time when you realized no one was holding the back of your bike anymore and you were doing it on your own? That. That feeling that you could go from fear to elation in moments. The feeling that you can conquer every challenge. That you can fly. Zee Bikes wants to give that back to you.

Zee Bikes - image 1 - student project

Big Idea

The strange and wonderful lives of bikers. A look at the mundane, everyday lives of four people who bike to work on zee bikes. From the ease of parallel parking to the way they can skip coffee on breaks as though it is not essential to life.

Radio spot

There is something about being alone in your car. This time you get to spend alone with your thoughts. Or your favorite podcaster’s thoughts. Something about a quiet ride before the start of the day, unless you feel the need to fill it with news or music or a book. A time to focus on what is coming while trying not to scream in rage at the fools on the road with you. The thing about being alone in your car is that it is nothing like being alone on your bike.

Zee Bikes. Find your lane.

Zee Bikes - image 2 - student project

Web commercial spot

Visual: Cold open with text appearing on shot of the first rider.

Each cyclist is interviewed in the same environment.

Accompanying shots of them at different points in their cycling commute to work.




Rider 1: The bugs are bad.

Rider 2: Insects in my nose, my mouth, sometimes my eyes.

 Rider 3: The weather. If it rains, you get soaked. If it’s hot, you get soaked.

Rider 4: When the wind is going against you, that’s bad.

Rider 2: Drivers own the road.

Rider 3: Pedestrians own the sidewalk.

Rider 1: Roads are not really built for bikes.

Rider 2: Changing in the washrooms at work can get awkward.

Rider 4: I’ve crashed into other bikes, buildings, cars.

Rider 1: Mechanical issues suck.


1: No. Why?

2: No way.

3: Never.

4: No, I would not give cycling up for anything.

Find your lane.