Zarni Music

Zarni Music - student project

Product Name: Zarni Music

Description: Singer/Songwriter with piano driven Pop music releasing music online and at Live shows without the help of a Label or Publicist


a. Zarni

Zarni Music - image 1 - student project

b. Audience (Physical and Online)

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c. Distributors

Apple iTunes 7/18/2011
Emusic 7/25/2011
Napster 7/25/2011
Nokia 7/25/2011
Tradebit 7/25/2011
GreatIndieMusic 7/25/2011
Amazon MP3 7/25/2011
Xbox Music 7/25/2011 7/25/2011
MySpace Music 7/25/2011
iHeartRadio 7/25/2011
Rhapsody 7/26/2011
MediaNet 7/26/2011
Verizon 7/27/2011
Simfy 12/4/2011
Omnifone 5/8/2012
Rdio 6/21/2012
Muve Music 12/31/2012
Spotify 1/4/2013 1/16/2013

d. Booking Agents

e. Manager (Rob Leeds, Florida)

f. Music Reviewers

g. DJ's or College Radio Music Supervisors

h. TV shows

i. Music Supervisors (Film and Commercial Sync) APM MUSIC/ Wayne Ledbetter

***(There are many more players in the industry, but these are the ones on my current level of achievement)


a. I enjoy entertaining and making a living as a musician- from Corporate gigs to gigs where I can share my originals with people. Music is an important part of society and I enjoy being able to share it with others and seeing them enjoy it, in return. I enjoy making money from playing music and I enjoy the confidence boosting aspect of a good crowd.

b. Audience listens to music to relax, relate, feel understood and for recreation and inspiration. They attend live shows for many of the same reasons as well as for the social element and to feel a part of the crowd. People also want to feel responsible for sharing music that others will like so that they, in turn, will be liked and accepted.

c.Distributors get a cut of every song or album sold by an artist.

d. Booking agents benefit from an artist that can fill up the room (and simply put, that can make more money for the establishment) The larger or more profitable the act, the better the venue looks, the happier the big boss is, and the more valuable the booking agent becomes in his/her job.

e. Manager makes a cut of certain aspects of the artists' career, depending on the negotiation. If the artist success, the manager gets bragging rights on having 'discovered' or 'shaped' the artist. Many times, artists will choose to stick with their original manager (as opposed to the one designated by the Record Label) and this can be extremely profitable for him/her. Managers often also just love the title of being a "manager for an artist in the music bizz"

f. Music Reviewers (both affiliated with Newspapers or Online blogs) will get more traffic to their site, paper, blog etc. if they review an artist that people will want to read about.

g. DJ's and College Radio Music Supervisors will get more listeners and in turn better ratings if they play music that listeners want to hear or will be likely to request again after a first listen.

h. TV Shows (Local or National) will get more viewers and in turn better ratings if they showcase artists that viewers will want to watch and stay tuned to.

i. Music Supervisors can boost the affectiveness of their Series, Commercial or Movie with the perfect song that not only alligns with the emotional intent of the visual but actually enhances it. Studies show the listens/viewers 'stay tuned' longer when they hear enjoyable music.(


(a. Zarni Music- Obvious Business overheads... Website, Photos, Recordings, Equipment etc.)

b. Online users can by my albums on for on average $9.99  for an album (prices vary on different distribution sites) and on average .99c per song. At LIVE shows I can charge up to $15 for a physical album containing 12 songs.

c. Distributors get a cut of every song or album sold by an artist.

d. N/A

e. N/A

f. N/A

g. Depending on the number of plays, station, and artist clout, artist will earn certain royalty payments. (Organized through Performing Rights Organizations such as ASCAP or BMI)

h. Depending on the series and showcase and artist clout, artist will earn a percentage of royalty payments. (Organized through Performing Rights Organizations such as ASCAP or BMI)

i. Depending on several variables (length of usage, type of usage etc) artist will collect a royalty payment from song placements in Commercials/Film/TV Series. 


a. A successful artist can have high earning potential and expansive social respect and acknowledgement. Travel opportunities can also be endless and rewarding for me and my loved ones.

b. The more good music they hear, cool videos and live shows audiences see, the more motivated they will be to continue to follow my music and career. Also the more connected they feel with my music and with me as a person, the more motivated they will feel to buy my music and continue to be supporters.

c.Many Distributors work hard to get my music to as many places as possible so that when I make a new album, I will choose those specific companies to distribute my music.

d. Booking agents are motivated to book me when I bring plenty of people to their venue and increase their bar/restaurant sales.

e. Manager is motivated because the better I do, the better he looks

f. Music Reviewers are motivated to review my music if/when they genuinely enjoy my music and can share it with their friends and followers and when the review gets lots of hits. They might even be motivated to buy the CD's themselves.

g. DJ's are motivated when they enjoy the music and it is fitting with their station- DJ's work to portray a certain image and the music has to fit in with that image in order to be played on the show.

h. TV Shows are motivated to have me on the show when they feel that their viewers will find an interest in the story and in my music. Also if my music is situable for the usually covered genre and if it is consistent with the TV's brand. (For instance, I would not be featured on the same show as a Death Metal band on a channel that does a lot of Hard Rock)

i. Music Supervisors are motivated when my song brings the commercial or series to life somehow and enhances the visual content so that it will ultimately be more enjoyable for the viewers.