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Zara Finds

I'm really into marble right now...and I'm also trying to dress better. So, since I'm a little rebel and I don't always follow the rules...I decided that instead of a birthday card, I'd make a little graphic collage of an outfit I'm really digging right now. 

I started with a marble background c/o (so many awesome and free design resources on this site). 

I then placed an image of a this ZARA model from their look book on top of the background and I used the pen tool to create a path around the model. 

It took about five or so minutes to trace around everything. I didn't worry about curves because I discovered a neat little feature in the path selection toolbar that let's you refine the edges! I refined all the edges...especially the hair and Voila. I had my model. 

Then, I decided to make a border out of the marble so I created a rectangle with no fil and a 40 px stroke and I created a clipping layer with a copy of the marble background. Once I had my marble border, I inverted it and rotated it 180 degrees. 

After all that fancy stuff, I had to work on small details such as hetting the models head and elbow outside of the border. I wanted his lugs behind the border so I used the marquee tool (rectangle), created a small rectangle and erages inside of it. 

I used what I learned in the first two lessons and created a double square title thing for the image. With the overlapping space between the squares, I made a layer mask and inverted the color so it looked darker! 

For the clothes thumbnails, I created circles with a plain white fill & a border and placed clothes inside of the circles using a clipping mask. I was a little stumped at how I would use a layer mask to do this so the clipping mask was easier. 

As far as the price captions, I used a rectangle & added a drop shadow! 

And kids...that is how I met your mother...JK


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