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Zach and the Bus Tales

Yello. I'm Zach, a cartoonist with horrible delusions of grandeur, which makes the act of creating a laughable cartoon of myself that much easier. I use SAI for my sketches, because I find it a little more responsive than photoshop, but I do plan on doing all inking and finalized projects in photoshop, as it has a greater range of tools availible 

I hesitate to call my style 'realistic', since I still want to draw a doofy cartoon character. I've just never been comfortable with the more iconic style of cartoonists like Sarah or Bill Watterson or the like. The character of the comic, I decided, is much more a version of me that vanished a few years ago; a gangley, awkward, self-important hypocrite with a shallow sense of style. I was always more fond of the unsympathetic comedy protagonist, and it's much easier, I've found, to make that kind of caricature of yourself. 

Though I am used to working in color, I've decided to use this comic as a way of getting past my crippling artistic fear of absolute black and white values, since I think it's a little more effective in this case. I took Sarah's advice and cut off one of the character's fingers, then hid the rest of the hand in the sleeve to complete the look of his shirt not quite fitting. I also mussed up his hair a lot, so that a viewer can actually tell that it's hair. That, and I think it fits the tone for him to have incredibly messed up hair and a totally half-assed ponytail. Overall, I think I got the feel I was going for: awkward more than anything.


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