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Matt 'Jiki' Dzikowski

artist, teacher, UX / product designer




initial idea:


edit: 04 02 2014

v 1.1

hi again :) this is the newest approach to the topic. I've redone it after getting feedback from you. thanks a lot! It's still a free to play kitchen simulation/time management/zombie shooter game, but I changed the story a bit. Stakes rised. Context added.


It is year 2099. Zombie apocalypse has ended few years ago but the undead still live in the cities. Nowadays they're considered an endangered spieces because not many of them survived the apocalypse. Since the end of the war, Zombies are not a threat to humans anymore. They work, they pay taxes and it is now illegal to kill a Zombie. You work in a special military unit patrolling the streets to prevent acts of violence from happening. Your job is to screen urban areas and report any unusual situation. Until now it was quite an easy task, because the street life was rather peaceful. Unfortunately, in the last few days, several homicides have been reported. You are on the mission to investigate the newest case. Suddenly, on your way to the crimescene you're being chased by a group of surprisingly aggresive Zombies. It looks like an ambush. You hide in a deserted kebab booth. You have your shotgun ready and your very first 'clients' are aproching...



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