ZEE Bikes

ZEE Bikes - student project



Switch gears to a better commute.

Trade your radio for your cardio.

A commute with benefits. 


Brand Manifesto

Imagine a commute without stress.


A commute without traffic.


A commute with ease.


Imagine a commute with benefits.


At Zee Bikes, we don’t believe in the typical commute. We don’t believe in eating up hours of your precious free time sitting in traffic. We don’t believe you have to start and end each work day with road rage.


We believe in zipping through traffic so you can have more time to do what matters. We believe in combining the ease of driving with the convenience of cycling. We believe in enjoying your commute.


We believe in commutes with benefits.


Commercial Spot


ZEE Bikes - image 1 - student project 

Radio Spot- 

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