.ZAYI - student project

Hi, my name is Iyaz and I'm a 21 year old British Engineering student. My clothing brand is called .ZAYI (my name backwards). I've always been into clothing and fashion and have always considered starting my own brand but never went through with it until now.

My brand is an abstract themed brand that aims to explore different phases of life that the typical maturing adult faces (18-30 years old). Many of the designs were created when I personally was in a time of my life where I felt either extreme emotional and/or societal pressures and that we all must develop the passion to persevere through the tough times. (I also understand that this may sound cheesy and cliché)

As of the time that I am posting this project I've made a few mockups on Photoshop - which I have only just learned how to use. The collections I hope to release all have an underlying theme and pay homage to my home city Manchester, UK as well as my native language Urdu (The national language of Pakistan).


I have attached some designs to this project - please feel free to leave any criticism, positive and negative if possible, I haven't used this before so I don't know if that's possible. If you're still reading I hope you have a good day :).ZAYI - image 1 - student project.ZAYI - image 2 - student project 


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