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I rarely talk to people I'm taking pictures of. In Ben's terminology it's stealing. Whatever. I don't believe in "street photography" after talking to someone – it'll be posing in my understanding, which is OK, but totally different genre. This picture is one of few in years (and tens of thousands images) when I asked permission before taking a picture. Saw a guy in unusually looking glasses, wanted a picture to be in focus, so asked him if I can take a picture, and had time to focus (it is manual-focus Ricoh camera with Leica M lenses).

This one is from a much longer series called "in motion" (here are more if you're interested: http://www.flickr.com/photos/earlyadopter/tags/inmotion/). The method is – walking towards someone who caught my eye to shoot a sequence aiming towards the object (and select later those which happened to be in focus). In a relatively dark environment it means longer shutter speeds, and some of background – well, the way you see it here. I like how the face was lit by her cell phone.

OK, let's consider these two above – a class assignment. But I don't see my pictures as separate images. For me they exist in series. And if critique is part of the class, I'd like to share more.

These several black-and-whites are from mid-1980s from Moscow and suburbs (Russia), film lomo lc-a camera I used to have with me all the time back then:

Those below are from the in motion series:

Several of those are about wide open hands:

Out of any series, just like the moment (and light):

More from the in motion series:

Couple pictures about people on the ground:

Couple about smoking:

These few are from the crossed legs series:

...and about glances:

I also maintain a group in flickr called "Sitting people" (where I contribute a lot):

One more — sunflare series:

Enough for today. :)

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