Yuppie Father's Day Email

Yuppie Father's Day Email - student project

I don't always read promo emails that come through to me except from a few specific companies. Yuppie Chef is one of them. Mainly because I used them once and their customer service was so amazing I couldn't resist going back to them.

This email made me click and enter the competition. The reason? I liked the sense of humour they used in the imagery, I love superhero's and I thought the way they listed the items was aesthetically pleasing and it gave me inspiration for what to get my dad.

  • Does the email have a specific purpose?

Yes-  it's purpose is to market items that could be sold for Father's Day which is once a year. Everything from the image to the items they market are targeted for men.

  • Is its content appropriate for that purpose?

Yes- the content is very specific to their target market.

  • Does it render correctly?


  • Is it mobile friendly or responsive?

Indeed it is. I can view just as easily on my phone and the links work well.

Yuppie Father's Day Email - image 1 - student project

Yuppie Father's Day Email - image 2 - student project

I find most of their emails of image dominated- "buy me" emails. The transactional emails you receive once you have made a purchase are extremely simple in comparison. I like them because they are to the point.

Lorna Daniel
Living Life to the Fullest