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Yup. The Time Has Finally Come.

I'm posting TWO emails that drove me to action, because they are the ONLY ones that have made me take multiple actions like signing up for classes, linking to blogs or other sites.  

After following Talking Shrimp for a while, I loved her stuff and when she recommended signing up for Copy Cure emails with Marie Forleo, I did it right away.

What surprises me is that these emails have limited or NO graphics at all.  But the copy is BRILLIANT.


Hey Sonja!
Whenever I'm walking down the street talking on the phone, the friend on the other end is bound to ask, "My god, what was THAT?" And the answer is always, "Someone yelling."
I like to walk in areas where there are people yelling. Bellowing, yelping, screeching. Monologues, diatribes, threats. 

The East Village is good for that. Tons of nutters yelling at each other, at nobody, or at me.
And they're often yelling at me, because I make eye contact. I like to listen with my eyes. That's what good listeners do! No, actually, that's what I do, because I don't hear so good. I feel like I need to stare really hard in order to catch the words. 
One of them, sitting with the junkies at the chess tables of Tompkins Square Park, caught me staring yesterday and yelled, "B*tch, you don't do sh*t. I'mma take your bike." 
I was like, go for it. Because I didn't have a bike.
So, that's a warmup to today's post, which is both about a couple of particular people yelling around my 'hood, and about being motivated when you're your own boss.
A natural pairing of subjects. Click here to read it. 
See you over there.

ps -- If you're new to Talking Shrimp, you might not know that my posts and emails tend not to be about copywriting. Once in a while, sure. But I like to write about other stuff. So if you're looking for a copywriting tip today, my best one is to sign up for the free copywriting class and ongoing writing tips from The Copy Cure, my fantastic new course with Marie Forleo. You can click the thingie below to go there now.



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