Yummy pie

Yummy pie - student project

Alright, let me start by saying that I'm awful at cooking, even if I love it. My meals usually turn into experiments and I need more practice and more bellies to take care of my experiments, hahah!. Anyway, I loved this recipe, it tastes deeelicious!! and even a rookie like me got it almost right at the first try. I say almost because I turned it into an experiment and yep, mistakes were made. I'm trying to stick to a low carb diet so all that was left in my pantry was 1 cup of flour. For the extra half I used millet flour and a teaspoon of psyllium to make up for the lack of gluten in millet... that was a risk I decided to take and the experiment began.

Yummy pie - image 1 - student project

Yummy pie - image 2 - student project


Here is when I realized that my flour mix would give me issues, as it would break if I tried to stretch it more, so I sacrificed the beautiful pattern.

Yummy pie - image 3 - student project

I was too scared it would all break apart in my hands when lifting it to the baking dish, so I just flipped it, oh my gosh, I'm so sorry... and baked it. At this point it was perfectly clear that gluten from normal flour had a major role for a great dough, but you know what? the most important part, the flavor?... it was greaaaat!!

Yummy pie - image 4 - student project

I'm pretty sure I would have 100% nailed it if it wasn't for my flour substitutions. I love that it is easy and fast to make with few ingredients, best part is that it tastes great and hubby liked it, despite my "experimental personal touch" :P

Thank you Tamara and Irina for sharing your family recipe with me <3 I promise I will use only wheat flour next time :D

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