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Yummy Yammy® Makes the World's Only Sweet Potato Salsas

Hi, my name's Lisa Johnson, and I'm the founder, owner, and "Yambassador" at Yummy Yammy, maker of the world's only sweet potato salsas.

Please enjoy my video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_-CFzpayrE 

I started in my Vermont home kitchen, to make it easier for busy people like us to eat better.



Being first to market meant a few years of test sales, reformulations, and almost constant adjustments. We are now on our 4th kitchen, our 2nd packaging, and our 3rd major label redesign.


In the 11 months since our rebranding, we're at $64,000 in sales in east coast natural and specialty stores. Whole Foods just put us in the whole region.

My five salsas demand a premium price, and have the ingredients to show for it. I start with US-grown, orange fleshed, flame-roasted sweet potato, use no tomato, no fat, no sweeteners - and put a new face on salsa that food lovers love. You've never had anything like it, because no one has ever made anything like it.

My Mexican Sweet Potato Salsa is the most familiar flavor (black beans, non-GMO corn, chipotle), but wait til you taste my Tuscan Sweet Potato Salsa that tastes like a meal on the Italian countryside, with basil, roasted red peppers, and white bean.  And my Moroccan Sweet Potato Salsa has curry, lentil & kale. All in a base of flame-roasted sweet potato to give it a rich mouthfeel, outstanding flavor, and secret superb nutrition.

They are all fabulous for simple chip dipping; but also add them to burgers, nachos, salads, sandwiches, wraps, hors d'oeuvres, and on your morning eggs. Bring it to your next book club or party to surprise your friends and get the one-up on your foodie status.

And after tasting them, you'll hardly believe me, but there are only 250 calories in the whole 12 oz. jar, because we make our food out of actual food -- no sugars or syrups, no chemicals, no unnecessary industrial fats, no junk -- just wholesome, nutritious, delicious food, and lots of love.

I am helping busy people eat better by delightfully bringing sweet potato to the nation. Will you help me?


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