Yummy Peach Cobbler!

Yummy Peach Cobbler! - student project

Hello Everyone,

I decided to illustrate Peach cobbler, for my yummy fruit recipe. It was hard decide on a recipe, since  I love any dessert with fruit in it YUM!   I included an antique pie spatula and a blue and white bowl in my mood board because I know I want something similar in my final illustration.

Yummy Peach Cobbler! - image 1 - student project

Here are a few ink sketches and some watercolor peaches I painted, then  scanned to include in my final piece. I did not use all of them. 

Yummy Peach Cobbler! - image 2 - student project

 Some messy  lay out ideas for my peach cobbler recipe. At this point I thought about switching to a Crisp instead of the cobbler but figured that might be harder to illustrate. 

Yummy Peach Cobbler! - image 3 - student project

I think doing sketches was helpful in narrowing down and idea to run with. I probably should have picked a different layout. I am not sure the one I did was the strongest.  I did the last one, sort of  I changed some stuff.

Below is my final Peach Cobbler recipe. I submitted it already to TDTC .  Thank you  Ohn Mar Win  for a very inspiring  class on food illustration! 


Yummy Peach Cobbler! - image 4 - student project