Yum Yum Bakery

Yum Yum Bakery - student project

Yum Yum Bakery - image 1 - student projectYum Yum Bakery - image 2 - student projectYum Yum Bakery - image 3 - student project

This is how it started. At work with three other women we started a delivery service of our snacks every Monday morning. Quickly 2 dropped out and it was left to one lady and myself. Though out the four years I've been doing it I've stayed with the same logo. It is just me now and I plan to open the bakery very soon.  Business is doing very well from this home produced bakery and I am now taking to the next level. My location will be in a very hip new cool part of town with lofts above me and a pub below me. People know me doing graphic design but I feel this logo design does not justify my image. I'd like to work on a new and updated logo where I can incorporate my design skill and push out killer designs of my bakery.