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Mayo Inoue

Graphic design student



Yukio Mishima - Confessions of a Mask

I found this book through reading about Christopher Isherwood and who he was influenced by. Confessions of a Mask is a haunting tale about childhood told from the perspective of a lonely but highly imaginative young boy named Kochan. He describes how he suppresses his homosexual urges through "wearing a mask" and struggles with finding his own identity.

The story is quite dark and often times disturbing. Kochan openly contemplates his views on death, love, and pain. It is unsettling to imagine that a child would have the mental capacity for such topics.

I really enjoy stories about identity and sexuality, and the ways in which people must navigate through the two in order to be a part of society. Mishima was considered a radical for some of his views and so his own place in society was often times muddled.

Mishima was believed to be a homosexual, although he married a woman and started a family. He is known for committing seppuku after a failed attempt at overthrowing the Japanese government.

I want to create a cover that will do the story more justice and entice new readers.


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