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Justin Carter

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Yuefoh's home studio "Tokyo"

Dear Guru and classmates,

First and foremost I would like to say that i'm grateful to be a part of this class and to be surrounded by such inspiring and aspiring music makers such as myself.

In the image attached is my studio. I have two truth B3030A Behringer Studio Monitors, I have 61 Key M-Audio Keyboard and a blue bird Microphone. I have an edirol interface which is really outdated but i'm gonna ride it out.lol it's cool. Just blessed that I have what I have, the most important thing I feel is to be creative with what little you have. Oh! and I use Reason 8 to make my beats. I pretty much make anything that I feel is interesting for that day. I'm inspired by various things from images to people to cartoons. I use the triangle set for mixing. My table isn't big enough to have a good enough distance from my monitors but it'll do for now. This postion "triangle" is more effective than the previous position I had. Also I do have various furniture in my room to alter the frequencies. I think it's working.lol Attached is a picture of my studio and a link to my music. Thanks for your time again and let's continue to move to higher places. Also, Guru, thank you for the opportunity and knowledge. I'm super grateful! 

Link: https://soundcloud.com/nativeofnothing


Very Respectfully,



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