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Youth Sports Exchange

Brad is a 37 year old single dad. His son's name is Dylan, and he's a highly talented pitcher in a premium baseball league in Frisco, Texas, one of the most competitive in the nation. This year Dylan is 12 years old. He's been playing baseball since he could pick up a baseball and throw it. 

Baseball is in Dylan's genes. His father Brad was well know pitcher in his high school sports district in New Mexico. He later went to have a short stint as a walk on at New Mexico State, but having a solid college career and beyond just wasn't in the cards for him. So when Dylan show an interest in sports at a young age, baseball was Brads first choice for Dylan. Brad's love for baseball was transfered to his son Dylan very quickly, and it wasn't long before Brad found himself as one of the coaches on Dylan's team, and continues as an in-field coach on Dylan's team until this day. 


Over the years Dylan has grown in size quite a bit. It used to be if Brad bought Dylan a new baseball bat, Dylan could use it for two years, however this year Dylan hit one hell of a growth spurt, and his baseball bat from last year, and all the years before are to short for him to swing effectively in a game.  

Brad figures he's spent thousands of dollars on equipment for Dylans sports (Dylan also plays football in the fall, and Brad is responsible purchasing the helmet, shoulder pads, and other protective equipment). He know has a number of baseball bats, helmets, gloves, shoulder pads, and other equipment sitting in his garage. Most of this equipment is in pretty good condidtion, some of the bats near mint condition. Especially the one from last year, since Dylan's monstorous growth spurt kicked in over the past year. All of this equipment going to no use.

So Brad starts to get an idea. Sure there's always eBay and Craigslist were he can try to sale all of Dylan's old equipment, but what if there was a marketplace that was specifically for Youth Sports? Through they years and the two different sports of Baseball and Football, Brad knows a great number of parents in his community in the very same situation. Parents looking for new expensive sports equipement, while having a stockpile of equipment that is outgrown, sitting idle in their garages. 

So this is how the idea for the came to be.

Our Vision: To offer a community for partents looking to obtain quality used sports equipment for the children, and have the ability to sale equipment outgrown by children, to someone who truely needs it.  

Our Mission: To make sure that no kid has to ever miss playing out in sports because the equipment is to expensive. 

Our Values: To never allow mediocrity to enter our compay or community, and with every interation we have with our customers, have their day be better after than when they first used our service. 


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