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Yours In Soap, Novelty Luxury Soap Branding - Logo Focus for now

The label I want to create should establish Yours In Soap as a luxury brand that creates handmade fine art soaps for the home.

Yours In Soap hosts a collection of quality soap curiosities that bridge between the lines of fine art, bath & body and hospitality supply. We are both capable of generating one-of-a-kind artistic creations and also provide our services in larger scales for companies. 

Yours In Soap produces fun luxury products to people looking for an unique gift or want to pamper themselves. 

The brand should give off a distinguished vibe of luxury, demeanor of creativity, novelty, authenticity

The story of how it started:

I had posted my fetus soap on etsy, and blogs picked it up and it started selling consistently. Now I'm pushing new product lines and turning the once college fine art project into a novelty luxury soap company. 

Where did it start:

The product started from a thesis project in my Sculpture education a few of years ago. 

Who's idea


Why the idea

It was meant as an art piece to prompt peopel to think on our existence - how we were all a very small size once. The soap is such a medium because I wanted to bring art into an accessible place where people can be comfortable viewing and contemplating art in their daily routine. 

what the brand is

evoking the independence of every individual's right for expression

Aestheticly, the label should have:

Image/illustration of the soap

creative illustrations


The consumer is buying handcrafted novelty soap, espcially for this project, the best selling Fetus Soap

-shown through illustration

story of what products is


what is it different

label is super illustrative

highlight of how the product stands out

use of super creative and artistic imagery to show that it is truly a one-of-a-kind authentic art piece. 

It's art to get people thinking

What kind of product? 

Cosmetic, Item for the home


How can I make the label look unique?

Make the packaging super creative

Aesthetic should be as unique as the soaps

I have to be able to purchase the labels in small quanitities in the beginning.

Important words:

The aesthetic should be quirky and luxurious. 

Other words that describe the company:





Fine Art

The fetus soap is going to go in a clear box of 5x5x5, then a rigid multicolored box of 6x6x6.

For the Fetus Packaging, I do want the words:

2.5 inches = 13 weeks 

We were all this size once.


 wet, lather, 



The product will eventually go on shelving or bins: 

Logo Development:

For now, I am just approaching the label designing by first focusing on my logo. I will create labels for a variety of products, so I wanted to at least have an idea of what my logo will look like to begin thinking about how everything will unify. I've decided tø format my logo within a business card, so the outcome is 3.5 x 2 in. So here are my trials and tribulations.

Here are prelimiary sketches playing on the "Y" and "S" of Yours In Soap:

Here's digitization and some play of the fish tails and ideas of overlying the tails with other imagery: 

I talked the idea over with a friend and realized that the logo doesn't scale so well to a small size. It is preferred for a logo to be compact and balanced, so I started experimenting with some circular logos:

I was still not totally satisfied with what I had, so I went on an extensive search of logos that were what I intended: luxurious and novelty. 

So here is my mood board. I wanted to create a compact circular logo that bespelled a sense of luxury but at the same time has a sense of novelty and the playful. The art deco look of the circular logos above had what I was looking for. I also noticed that some luxury brands were monograms, and decided to make my fish tail work as a monogram. 

Here is my rendition:

This piece by Mary Blair was reminds me of soap and is still very playful, whimsical and fun, so I wanted to incorporate something similar to the surrounding area. 

Here's after some color play and adjustments of typefaces. I love putting in detail so added the fish scales in as a subtle touch. 

This is what I ended up with: 

Back to my fetus soap, whose package I am designing for. Once again, I intend for the soap to go in a 6x6x6in box that is printed in color on the outside. Here is an illustration I'm working on to go on the top of that box: 


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