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Alison Dennis




You're the First to Know: Crampons Just Released

List: A segment of climbers who have signed up for gear updates, wanting to know when new ice climbing product categories are released.

Main Goal: Have climbers click through to the WeighMyRack website to explore the release of crampons.

Sub Goals: Awareness of site improvements, staying top of mind as THE climbing gear resource.

Enticement: Exclusivity, that they're the first climbers to know about the release.

Future Improvements: Having a header that matches the WeighMyRack website navigation.

Full Email:

Company Background that folks getting this email would know:

WeighMyRack's goal is to list every piece of climbing there is and make it easy to find the product that fits your needs best. That means we list every single manufacturer and every single model, whether it's available US only or Europe only. Our distinction is that we show everything so you don't have to research using 538290 tabs open comparing between websites. We don't sell gear directly though we do show the lowest price it's available online in the US.

This is why we are willing to pick a very busy cover image. We want to show the expansiveness of the site. There is nowhere on the internet you can see so many models of crampons on one page (except WeighMyRack, that is). 


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