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You're so darling - Animated reaction gif

I have been working on different styles of calligraphy and was really excited by the 'Monoline' calligraphy styles I have seen recently. This was my first monoline piece, not perfect but better now than perfect in order to start you have to start somewhere, so even though I could keep working on this I wanted to use this for this project.

I started here with sketches using pencil:


Then I went into photoshop to add some shading to the brush work and add the word 'YOU'RE SO' to finish the qoute.



I then decided on the graphic elements I would use to animate the words, I wanted something like a modernised firework going out and in from the words 'You're so darling'


I then applied the elments abvoe to each frame as I wanted. Keeping everything minimal and clean.


Final artwork file:


I am going to play around with the styling of the firework a little I think, but now feel more confident to create and expermient with something rather than my usual flat type pieces.


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