You're one in a Melon

I tried a quick one because i already had a picture that i wanted to use,

so i looked some things online for a good quote about melons, and this one i liked right away! 

I tried some different things for typography but i really wanted to know how something could come out when youre not trying to be perfect (that is a point i need to work on, on myself, because is can stay a long time on one part of a project en really work myself into crazyland or something :P )

So, last thing i tried came out fine so i scanned the images.


With this i went ahead but i didn't like the fluffy melon word so i skipped that and went along with the word i wrote done in my sort of handwriting :P 

I also tried to play with the picture (here you can see a slight change of zoom) 




In the end i really wanted to add something little, 

that's were the little stripe thingies came from ... now that i think about it i maybe should have gone with a couple of seeds from the melon, but this is the end result so far! 


(also gave it a white border, thought it was a nice adding to the whole thing) 

I enjoyed the project :) 

*second time*

I went back in and changed the stripe thingies to melon seeds, quite simple but i like the look better...



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