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You're on a Roll!

I thought I'd put up what I have for a concept so far as I continue to play with my ideas. 

I chose to use the third strategy - drawing phrases - and selected the phrase "You're on a roll!" 

It is a statement of congratulations and acknowledgment - a "thank you for your efforts," "you're doing well," or a sign of "moving on up."

Here is some existing process to expand the narrative:

  • You're on a roll.
  • You are sitting on a roll. 
  • You are baking a lot of rolls. 
  • Your name is on a roll. 

Topic: job/career; success; congratulations; baked goods

Project: personal - but I'm envisioning this as a greeting card or employee appreciation card illustration, perhaps with an accompanying button or sticker

Technique: pencil

The other categories are not yet set.

I have attached a picture of some very quick thumbnails of a few visual concepts.


Update: So here's the final image!

I created a mock up of an employee appreciation card, size A2 (4.25 in x 5.5 in) for a fictitious company. The front contains a drawing of a roll with a transparency where the boss can write the awarded employee's name, thus putting their employee on a roll in a literal sense without including a human figure. The illustrated phrase is not immediately inherent, creating a sense of intrigue and, hopefully, humor once the employee reverses the card to put the concept together - "You're on a Roll!" The reverse of the card has some simple text to convey gratitude and uses circles to cohere with the round imagery of the roll.

In the future, I would like to further this project by converting the drawing to a digital illustration and adding color. I picture warm, inviting colors to boost the celebratory mood and make the roll illustration more instantly recognizable.  

Here's a photo of the roll on it's own and a copy of my completed chart:



And here's the final layout: 



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