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You're off to great places!

Well I don't think I'M off to great places just yet, but with a bit more practice who knows haha!

After what seemed like several days, I finally chose a quote from Dr. Seuss to play around with. Please note: I'm so sorry Dr. Seuss' fans and family but I missed off the last letter 's' on his name!

I love hand lettering but struggle to get live trace to work for me. I realise it's probably because my drawings are not as tight as they should be, although I do like a fairly organic look to my designs.  I am also still a novice at laying out words and phrases to look good, but I'm still trying.

So, I started off with some sketches..

Then decided to make more of the mountain wording then scanned it into Photoshop and cleaned it up following the instructions.

After taking the cleaned image into Illustrator (CS3), I changed the mountain to look more like a snow covered mountain top (and less like an upside down chocolate covered ice cream cone) and reduced the 'get on' to line up with 'your way!' I also roughened up the letters.

There's still a lot to do with this piece such as re-aligning, and skewing etc.  So far, I haven't finished the course yet - I'm still on stage 3 - but I'm loving the informative and useful videos Sean!


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