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Kinsey Engelmann

Artist/ Illustrator



You're never too old to be a pirate.

February 10

I finally finished the pirate. I want to add a background to him but I have to leave him alone for a bit while I work on some other projects. Hopefully I'll be able to get to that next month.

February 6

I got some time to sit down today and keep working on him. I've got the details put in and I think I like the colors. I added stripes to his shirt and changed the green from his pants. I like the purple/pink bandana because of how it works with the yellow and teal of the parrot.

February 5

In the few moments I've been able to grab here and there this week I started rendering my pirate. I'm really excited about how he's turning out. I may play with the colors some more in color correction but for now I think he's looking good. I still have the parrot to do and I'll add any more details to the pirate that I think of along the way. I'm thinking he definitely needs more age spots, I just haven't decided where. I also want to add an environment but I wanted to finish him first.

I thought I'd go ahead and share my progress so far as I continue to work on him.

February 1

I decided to start with the old man pirate. I will probably illustrate both of them eventually. I use Illustrator a lot so blocking out the shapes was easy. The colors are just the basic swatches in Illustrator so no where close to the final.

Then I brought him into Photoshop and added masks and adjusted the colors. He looks much better. Although I will probably continue to play with the colors as I go.

January 29

I cleaned up two of my sketches. I'm leaning more toward the old pirate than the one that just walked the plank (I decided that's why he is wet) although I really like them both. Maybe I'll just illustrate them both in the end.

January 27

I created Pinterest boards but I can't say that I looked at them for my sketches. I'm sure they'll come in more handy when I texture. Here is the link to my boards.

Here are my sketches. A lot of my inspiration has come from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. My daughter loves that show so we watch it a lot. The style isn't the same but I've taken many of their clothes and accessories.

These are just the initial sketches. I have not gone in and refined them yet. I think I'm going to play with sketches 2, 5, 7, and 8 to see which comes out the best.


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