Krittika Mittal

Graphic Designer



You're going to see a lot of books!

Hey everyone, I'm Krittika. I am a crazy nerd bibliophile and I have my own bookstragram account. Although I have decent photography skills (so modest haha), but I really want to work on my flat-lays! So I'm super excited for this class.

I'm going to begin with showing how my last flat lay was.


I think it's okayish, somehow the composition isn't veryyyy appealing. 

So I have a few inspiration pictures that I looked at for a mood board. I will hopefully be able to create a series of 9 flat lays (the perfect square) with each picture having a common theme (same background, similar props) etc., with the colors changing (VIBGYOR plus Black and White)

I have three ideas that reaaaaaally appeal to me at the moment (Maybe Anna you could help me out with picking one?)

So this is the first! It's basically what I'm aiming at, a flat lay with one color and props that go along with it.


2. The second idea is kind of about the props. I love this photo because a single prop but man, it is beautiful!!


3. This idea is a bit terrifying though, since I really can't think of what element I will use to join all nine photos together. Perhaps I'll do it later, once I am better at clicking flat lays.


So here is Phase 1. Once I decide what I'm going to go ahead it, I will move on the next part : Collecting props :D

Okay so I'm going to upload my unedited images :


So I used like a million different sheets for background and this one was the most decent. But since I finished props for my other photos too, there's a good chance I might re click these again, not very happy with the lighting. So once I click all my other 4 photos tomorrow, I will finish this grid and edit these photos. I have kept my props as absolutely minimalist, according to the second theme.


SO I finally managed to finish everything phew. Since my handle is @bookgamist (books and origami), I naturally had to use origami in my pictures. I then had an idea of using this porcelain butterfly as my focal point and using butterfly props for all my other book images. This way all 9 images get tied by a common concept. I clicked all my photos on my Iphone and simply applied the in-built chrome filter to pop out my colors. Here goes:


This one is a little low quality (2 MB file issue), but will give you a good gist.




I'm finally done with this yayyy. Going to start uploading the pics on Instagram now one by one. Thank you Anna for this wonderful class and your inputs.


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