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You're a daisy if you do..

Why Tombstone quotes float around in my head all the time, I'll never know. I'm putting them to good use and lettering one of my favorites. "You're a daisy if you do." Thanks for that gem, Val Kilmer!



I really want this to embody the vices that Doc Holliday had...gambling, drinking, gunslinging...I love the colors of the old west theaters -- deep colors..reds, blacks, browns, gold, etc. Here's my concept & some inspiration for the project!

Some inspiration: 

Layout: I'm thinking about this for layout...

Using the background of this (drawing daisies of course) and peppering in some of the elements like card suits....

And either crossed pistols (although I'm not totally sold on it...I don't want it to seem too.....Sons of Anarchy?? haha) or Doc's iconic silver cup that he twirls and puts in his holster in the movie. Does anyone know which one I'm talking about?? Here's a pic of it just in case.

As far as fonts go....I'm stuck. I want a script or a decorative font for "daisy" like these:

(I LOVE the flourishes on the music cover page above)

I'm a little stuck on pairing a simpler font for the rest of it. Something like this perhaps? 

Anyway. thoughts?? I should probably mention that I have never done this before. Like...drawing, lettering, anything that involves my own artwork. So...there's that. We'll see how this goes! I'm excited!! 


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