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Kim Haskell

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You're a Shark and I'm Swimming

From Mary Kate's first course, I came up with the following inked drawing


In case you missed my project in that first class, the expression is a song lyric from Alt J's song Tesselate. When the July Handlettering challenge had been announced I'd been seeing a lot of promos for Shark Week so I'd had this lyric stuck in my head. I figured it would lend well to creating a really fun graphic shark.

Next up was adding colour in Illustrator. I'd never before used this program so I definitely feel I have much to learn and brush up on, but I'm excited with what it's capable of. After several hours of trial and error I came up with this.



Thankfully I'm more familiar with Photoshop so the addition of texures was a good chance to play around. I wanted to incorporate more triangular shapes to pay homage to the song from which the lyric is taken. Tesselation is when shapes fit exactly together which triangles can do (there's also a lyric in the song "triangles are my favorite shape") and I also wanted to add a watery texture for the ocean section of the drawing. 

The final result:


If I were to make corrections I would fix up the "and I'm" as I think they aren't quite as readable as I'd hoped and I'd also try different letter styles for the word swimming. In an earlier sketch I'd made seaweed-like lettering and I might possibly revisit that. 

For my first attempt at hand lettering, I definitely had fun and found lots of skills I'd like to improve on. Any feedback is more than welcome!  


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