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You're Mine

ave you ever had that time when you were sleeping and was just so comfortable that you could just lay there for hours upon hours and it felt like nothing in the world could ever disturb you? Well that's how I felt now, I don't think anything can ruin how good it felt to lay like this. Maybe I'll have more time t-

"Jessi wake up!" Okay, so maybe an annoying brother can ruin this moment. As soon as I sat up a pillow came flying and hit me in my face. It hurt a little and I was too lazy to get up anyways so I decided maybe 5 more minutes of sleeps will help me feel better."Give me 5 more minutes."

I laid my head back on my pillow and began to feel comfortable again like i did before, it just wasn't as comfortable as before, but I can live with it."Jessi wake up now!" Ugh! when will he get it through his thick head that I need at least 5 more minutes of sleep!

I felt another pillow hit my head and it wasn't as hard as the first one so I put the pillow over my head hoping he would leave me alone?!"No." I said after barring my head under the pillow.

"We'll I hate to tell you this but it 8:56."

My eyes shot open and I hopped out of bed nearly falling on the floor. I ran to the bathroom turning on the faucet and looking for my brush. Once I found it I started to brush my teeth and then grabbed my hair brush to lay my hair down from the big puffy mess it was. I ran to my room as quickly as I could  so I could get dressed.

I threw on some black skinny jeans, a black button down shirt that had a pink collar. After I threw most of my school work into my bag and i grabbed the nearest a sweater I could find and quickly went to my dresser where I grabbed a hair tie. I threw my hair in a messy pony tail and started to run down the stairs when I remembered that I didn't have any shoes on. I slapped myself on the forehead and ran back up to my room so I can get a pair. I picked out my black, pink and white converses and tried to put them on as I went down stairs. I succeeded in almost falling down the stairs twice but once I was downstairs I took a sprint towards the door.

"Sweet heart what are you doing?" My mom asked tilting her head a little so she could see me. I was sort of confused why she asked me that question. Out of everyone I would of thought my mother would of known when I was going to be extremely late for my first day of high school.

"Mom its almost 9 o'clock, I'm going to be late if I don't leave now." I was about to step out the door when my dad walked from the corridor leading to his office. He grabbed my forearm and turned me around so I was facing him. "Jessica it's only 6:15, did you check your phone for the time?"

What in the name that is all chocolate! What does he means its only 6:15? Mason said it was 8:56- I check the clock on the right side of the living room area and growled softly as the big hand shifted to 6:16. I dropped my bag and walked past my dad to the stairs before running up them going straight to Masons room. I couldn't believe mason would lie to me! Well it's not that much of a shocker, but still! I could of had another good 30 minutes on my comfortable spot or even a 20 minute of sleep for after he threw the pillow at me.

"I'm so going to get you!" I yelled and when he looked away from his cell phone to me he had an innocent face expression.

"I don't understand what did I do?" He said with a slight smile spreaded across his face.

"Mason you woke me up extremely early for no reason." I said while hopping on his bed with a pouted face expression.

"Oh come on you know you should have woken up earlier" that answer got me mad so I hit him in his gut right where I know it will hurt.

"Hey no fair you got a luck shot." He said while pushing me off his bed. I fell right on my butt and it hurted. I got up and rubbed it hoping this pain would go away faster.

"It doesn't matter who got the lucky shot!"

I touched around my pants and got my phone to see what timeout ws and it was 6:46!

"You need to put on some cloths! I it's now 6:45 and school starts at 7:00!"

He jumped off his bed and ran to his closet and I ran downstairs to go get breakfast. I can't believe I spent 30 minutes fighting with my brother and all I got was one hit out of it ! UGH!

I grabbed me a bowl of honey nut Cheerios and by the time mom was finished with breakfast mason was ready to dig in but he didn't have anytime to eat it.

"Mason just take it to go or we're going to be late." He groaned and packed it up. We said see you later to our parents and then hoped into masons car.


When we got to school mason never left my side and showed me to all my classes and lockers before he had to leave.

All the classes were boring, they were spent with everyone trying to know everyone else since this was our first year in high school.

I stay in the back of every class. I'm not really the social type plus I prefer to be alone majority of the times. So sitting in the back didn't bother me.

As teachers talked during the day I just sat in the back writing in my journal. My mom told me that t was a diary but I never used it as one. Diary usually insisted on talking about your life what new happened, but in my jpurnal I never talked about that kind of stuff.

My journal was filled with my fantasies. Things I wanted to be or do. Adventures ill probably never be on.Most likely to be like a book just that the characters were mostly based on my alter egos. I know, I know, I know, when most people think of alter egos they mostly think of multiple personalty disorder, but its not like that.

I express myslf a certain way. Im what my parents wanted me to be around them, school, and other people. But in my book im who I want to be, the real me, the me waiting to escape the cage it was locked in.

I have to set a role model for multiple people so I was raised a certain way. To respect others even if the did something rude to me. I would have to keep my lips sealed while adults talked and never talk back to an adult.

In my journal I wrote what I really wanted to do, to say whenever I couldn't express what I really wanted to.

Jess Journal <3 

At lunch 1st day of school,

At lunch I sat by myself  and didn't bother anyone. You could see there was already cliques and groups of people who already knew each other.

I seen my brother with a group of people. throughout school I have concluded that my brother was popular and why wouldn't he? He's decent looking but I'm not going to really get into that I might puke from the thought.

well I have to go so ill write in you later.

yours favorite jess.

Once I got home and finished all my homework I decided it would be good if I went for a run in the woods in the back of my yard.

My wolf was begging to be out since I kept her in all day. We were very close but sometimes we had our differences but in the end we were one.

Will be editting this later. Juat a quick draft to start with.


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