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You're Invited to Presidential Purpose

We call this massive room earth.

And we’re all roommates with different decorating styles and ideas for filling it.

From the purity of our air to the quality of our thoughts, how we decide to occupy earth matters.

Go to the United States. It’s occupied by trees, skyscrapers and millions of different people. If we could see them with the x-ray of understanding, what stories would their dreams tell? Would the dreams they’ve made outnumber the dreams they’ve reached for?

Mine would. I’m filling the earth with a heart full of possibility but  weighed down by 195 promises I made to myself last year, but did not keep.

The day after the election, I declared that I would not go another presidential election cycle without changing my life dramatically in the direction that I wanted. Regardless of the economy, I planned to use whatever personal control I could to make good on my promises to myself.

I realized that if I studied the unprecedented educational experience that the presidents get in office, I might rise to a presidential standard in my own life. Perhaps, I’d live better, and dare I say it, graduate with the president in 2017.

It is our campaign to vote ourselves into a leadership position in our personal journeys. In order to act like a leader, you have to surround yourself with them and their stories. That’s what I’m doing with the presidency of the United States of America. Here’s why:

  • First, there’s not a group of people that fails more often and still gets back up the next day to face the complex symphony of demands again.

  • Second we have something in common. Both of us make promises and struggle to keep them for similar reasons. Because life, like the presidency, is more complicated than both the campaign trail and the inspired moment.

  • Third, the face and definition of presidential is changing. We see it every time we watch a show like Scandal and feel empowered to redefine presidential alongside the main characters.

I’m democratizing access to the presidential concept  for those brave enough to get their piece of  it and as.

“Could I become the president of my nation of one?”

When we make presidential personal, we gain the uplifting forces of its importance, capability, power, influence, and agency. Thus it is to our advantage to be presidential. even if we’re not the president.

I’m inviting you to  a movement centered around the campfire of Presidential Purpose. We can stand united under the umbrella of this new concept even if we are divided in our politics.

It’s not for everyone, but it could be for you.

Let’s walk into life like the biggest boss out there: the president.

Let’s fill the earth’s space more responsibly by being more honest politicians to ourselves.

The first step: sign this White House We The People Petition so has a chance to be recognized by our nation’s most powerful leaders.


The first step: sign this White House We The People Petition so has a chance to be recognized by our nation’s most powerful leaders.


My name is Jordan Hayles, and this is my project, Presidential Purpose. Hope you enjoyed it.I'll be making the link to the white house petitnion live tomorrow. In the meantime check out the blog at and subscribe!  Feel free to critique, join or just say hi.


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