Your portrait stands out with PALETTE KNIVES!

Your portrait stands out with PALETTE KNIVES! - student project

And this is my Class project video to share with you! All your comments and suggestions are more than welcome :-) Thks

Hi everyone, I change my intro video! Do you thinks its better?? I also finished editing 15 lessons so far (only outro 'lesson' is left). Below you find a few of them. Any comments are welcome :-)) Thks! Charlene


Have you always wanted to make a portrait? 

Which seems so easy but when you started it, it’s so hard? 

Well it is easy when you use the right tools!


This class will take away a big frustration and shows you step by step how you finally can get started on that bold and stunning  portrait! 

What always seems so hard turns out to be really Cool & Fun with palette knives!


Hi my name is Charlene, I am a dutch artist living in the hart of Holland surrounded by nature. In this class I will take away a big frustration and will show you Step by step how you finally can get started on that bold and stunning portrait. 


I will teach you the technique how to work with the knives and show you where I find my inspiration, which will mostly be from the expression of human beings and nature.


I hope you will Njoy because in Joy most Wonderfull things will happen!



When I started working with the palette knives I remember that I blended all the colours through each other and the outcome was a big mess :-) 

I couldn’t find a proper technique to work in a really clean way, so I developed my own technique which to my surprise immediately had a super nice effect.


 I've been working as an artist with the palette knives for over more than 10 years now. 

I had the chance to paint a lot of commissioned work, as for the gaming company PUBG and to hand over our Prime Minister his portrait!  

I participated in several TV shows including the Dutch version of ‘Painting the Stars’. 

My work has been shown and sold internationally and is part of the collections of several international art collectors.
Here in my atelier I teach students weekly how to integrate the knives into their work. 
So I'm really excited to teach YOU everything I know. 

So you can  skip the messy part and jump directly into a nice clean effect :-)


Both as a beginner or more AdvAnced students can join,.. although a bit of sketching experience will come in useful.

You will need a set of palette knives…(which you can already find at low cost), Acrylic paint, a mixing palette, paper towels, water and a canvas. I will go more into the details about the materials later on, so don’t worry if you don’t know which knives to use JUST yet.

I will break the classes down into VARIOUS parts in which we:
First look at the model and materials. 

We will practice different strokes 

I will show you how to set up the sketch, prepare the background 

and finally how to apply the palette knife techniques in your portrait.



Palette knives are not only a tool for mixing paint on your palette, you can use them in multiple fields. The most important thing, at the end of this class, is that you will learn a technique in which you will feel comfortable using.


This class is perfect for everybody who want their portrait to stand out with amazing paint effects and you will find a new way of expressing yourself creativity.

And I will encourage you to Enjoy and mix the knives in your own work and style.


It will be so great to see all your results at the end of this class as everybody has their own unique handwriting. 

So be sure to upload your portrait!


Let’s NJoy together :-)

Hope to see you in class!



Link to my Class Planning Doc.:





Charlene Van den Eng
Artist Palette Knife painting