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Your own Short-Movie Script in 3 steps!

Hi, everybody! This is my first course on Skillshare:

I've already reached my first 25 students, which is GREAT NEWS!! Yeayyy!!

The things that best worked for me to engage students were to offer a free link to my friends and family and post the course in the social networks I'm part of (Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter).

I also published some comments in the community sections of the tutorials of Skillshare.

And I also send campaigns to all my contacts through

The things I think are NOT working: The introduction video, I think is too slow and not really calling any attention. May be it was because I was a bit nervous, specially considering that English is not my native speaking language.

Today I'm gonna do the introduction video again and also a sort of trailer for the course to post in the social networks and Youtube.

Hope for the best to all of you in your classes!

Lau. =D


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