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Your own Short-Movie Script in 3 steps!

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Your Own Short-Movie Script in 3 Steps!

Can you imagine the person in the photo... being you?

The writing craft is full of myths that tell you to stay away: It's complicated! It's stressful! You're never gonna make anything original anymore! Everything is done! Et cetera... Et cetera...

The thing is... books are still being written, movies are still being done (ok, ok... not too much to watch with the Marvel despotic realm). But the business is still on.

So... why can't you be one of them?

This is a short course that will help you develop your own story all the way to a script. And I guarantee that you'll do it in no more than a two hour dedication.

What you do with that afterwards, is up to your time and dedication. But you'll have something concise to work on.

Trust me. It's A LOT MORE than a blank page with an invisible dream on it.

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Class Description

Within three simple steps (Yeah, you read correctly - THREE SIMPLE STEPS) you'll end up with a short-movie script of your own!

You don't need to know how to write for movies (I'll teach you)

You don't need to be a writer at all!

You don't need to have a previous idea (We'll catch that together)

The only thing you need is something to write on and follow instructions for a little while.

Don't believe it can be possible? Try me!

Project Description

Knowledge, fun practices and creativity unleashed!

1- How to create a solid character?

I'll lead you in a step-by-step.

2- Smash him/her into conflict. BAM! The end.

The inner workings of a short story, from beginning to end.

3- Movie Script format.

Take your story to the next level: Writing for the screen.

All this in a less than an hour course!

Link to class:

Your Own Short-Movie Script in 3 Steps!


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