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Your friendly neighbourhood Carnies!

I really struggled to come up with a theme as I have so many things I want to draw.

I chose the carnival theme because i'm addicted to the tv show parks and recreations at the moment which for some reason made my weird mind jump to this. Plus I have a weird obsession with early eras such as victorian times and I thought I could try and include some steam punk elements.

I'm mainly concentrating on weight lifters, snake charmers, bearded ladies, dwarf clowns and siamese twins.

I don't draw much so this is going to be a huge challenge for me so all of the feed back and critiques you guys can give me would be really appriciated.


I am very new to anatomy and real life figure drawing so my lines of action need some work.

It definitley helped me to see which drawings were working better. I picked a few and very roughly started defining  shapes.

I've moved onto a refining stage and I just accidently started to concentrate on these two designs. I added a dog to my grumpy clown and I really like the bearded lady concept so I changed my snake charmer to a steam punk hot bearded lady.

I have kept the big body builder on the sheet to remind me I want to still work on him later.


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