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Your Time - "Offline tours that will help you move beyond your comfort zone"

(my notes of this class) 

The story begins in 2010 when I started with my neuromarketing research for Red Bull, when I realised that our brain is programmed for evolution and not for rewards, which is on this moment the setup of our entire sociaty, 'if you do this, then you get that'.

This should change to evolution thinking, don't listen to fear, beat the resistence, accept change, and take risk and don't settle to achieve self-actualization. 

"It's all between your ears" 

Challenge: How can we help people to take more risk, ignore the resistence and leave their comfort zone more often, to achieve self-actualization? 

Idea: "Help people with tasks & assignments to leave their comfort zone more often, to achieve self-actualization"

Goal: "We want to become the iron-man of comfort-zone/fear"  

1. Business model

Scalable = "Organize Comfort zone tour through the city" groups of 5 10 or even 20. Organize every week 1 tour, go to festivals to organize comfort zone tours, etc. 

Have different tours: levels 1 till 1, categories, special group, tours based on age, tours based on work, relationship, etc. 

Repeatable = "Create resources, they you can use everytime, video's, books, presentations, tour concepts, etc"

Look for examples from other tours, workshops, classes, positive thinking conferences, etc. 

Assets = 

- Use the rainmaking loft event space

- Buy information knowledge

- Online platform with information about "how to leave your comfortzone more often" 

- Human resourches: Hire a psychologist to explain how your brain works. Or use free material online.

- Customer: People who want to grow, want to learn, want to develop themselves, who want experience, who want to have the feeling they are living, people who need some help to take more risk in life. Age: 18 till very old, gender: man+women. 

- You are going to do tour after tour, to explain why the brain works, why it's important to leave your comfort zone more often and then we are going to create own challenges, tasks to create the habit to take more risk, and to know when it's time to leave your comfort zone again. 

The uniqueness: Going to be the expert in Evolution thinking + how to leave your comfort zone in a fun way, it's important but make it airy to sell. 

- Each tour is unique and different, no task will be the same, learn by doing (lean methology in state of sitting in the class. Everyhing will happen offline, real connections, learning by doing, no borring classrooms, workshops, etc. 

- Level up, same as sport, to enroll for amateur tours and pro tours, 

The revolutionize the industry of workshops, teaching classes, positive thinking conferences.

  • Each tour will be unique
  • Quality above quantity
  • Experience marketing (no bullshit, true facts)
  • 100% Personalised for you
  • 100% Having fun
  • 92% guarenteed learning something


Your Second You - "your way to leave your comfort zone"

Metapore for Darwin, evolution, fear, comfort zone, etc

Your time is a offline tour that will help you move beyond your comfort zone 
in an exciting and playful way. 


1. Who is it for? = for people who want to develop, grow or and the feeling of living. Generation Millienials, or people who want to train their brain. People who are at their level of self-actualization, on the Maslow's hierarchy of needs

2. What does this group believe? = Maybe they know it's important to leave your comfort zone, but they don't do it enough, they need help/support. 

3. Have they bought a solution like this before? = Yes, books or following masterclasses from leaders or life-coaches. Traveling, etc. 

4. Do they know about you? = No, but with MOW it will go quikly to offer "Comfort zone Tours". 

5. Do they trust you? = It will be a challenge, to increase credibility, so you need to partnerup with credible organizations, who know everything about psychology.

6. Are people paying with cash, or attention, or connections? = cash with connections, attentions. 

7. Are you connecting one customer to anther? = If we focus and narrow down the tours on locations, topcis, gender, then we do. People with the same mindset, same problems, etc. 

8. One customer to your solution? = ?

9. One kind of customer to another? = 

10. What job is your customer hiring your product or service to do? =

11. If this catches on, why won’t cheaper competitors be able to steal your market? = We will be the experts in Comfort zone, all theory, and the first mover in this are, we should work with the best experts in the areas, continue development, new tours, have partnerships with channels (festivals, vacations, universities, organizations, etc). Your reputation, your credibility. 

12. What's the hard part? = Teach customers, how the brain is programmed, etc, time. 

13. What's scarce? = Teachers, partners to work with.

14. Does your offering become more valuable as more people use it? = Yes. 

15. How much does it cost to make a sale? = Personal time, promotion costs. 

16. What is the lifetime value of a customer? 

17. Can you make what you make significantly more cheaply? = No, it's one person maybe two persons giving the tour, but you can offer classes of a couple of weeks with assignments, etc. 

18. Faster = More tours, bigger groups, hire more tour guides, etc

19. Can you add more value to what you make? = Yes add books, materials, personal coaching, stop at places to drink (second income streams), etc. 

20. When can you ship? = Prepare first tour, invite 10 friends start testing. 

2. Freelancer or Entrepreneur

If you're a freelancer, write down precisely what you will do to:

  • Ensure a steady stream of work
  • Create an environment where you don't go crazy and melt
  • Consistently raise your prices, increase the quality of your work and generate a waiting list for your time (at the same time).

If you're an entrepreneur, write down how you will:

  • Relentlessly hire people to delegate work to
  • Give yourself a promotion so you are constantly doing work you're unable to hire anyone else to do
  • Build an organization that has the cash flow to permit you to do those two things...

Freelancer get paid when work. 

Entrepreneur get paid when sleeping.

- Hire tour guys that give comfort zone tours.


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