Your Success is Not My Failure

"Your Success is Not My Failure"

Update: July 7th 2014

I finally got around to uploading the sketches that I have done so far. 

I tried out a few different styles based on lettering from my references, but I think by far the most successful (no pun intended, ha!) were the engraved-style with some dimensional letters. 

Forgive my poor uploads, I don't have ready access to a scanner at the moment so I'm taking photos with my phone. 

I liked the style of the one in the middle, but clearly I sketched this out before hearing the tips on how to make letters more evenly spaced. 

This last one is my favorite, but I think it's got a long road of tweaking ahead of it before I would be really happy with it. 


I've had my eye on this class for a while now, and I've finally gotten some time to devote to it. Very exciting!

I knew immediately what words I wanted to illustrate. I have heard several variations of this phrase and it never fails to strike me as both obvious and so easy to forget. I chose the most succinct sentence of the quote and after writing down a list of related words, got to work researching images to incorporate in my lettering. 

I circled a few words that I thought were promising, in case you can't quite make it out above: trophy, wings, accolades, arrows, mountaintops, valley, parallel

I also circled "dice" because I want to incorporate the idea that sometimes success is not dependent totally on hard work, but also on luck, or being in the right place at the right time. 

"Parallel" is the thought that two people working in a similar direction don't always achieve success or at least not equal success. 

After that, I began to do some research first on vintage medals, then trophies, and finally in a more general sense with engraved letters: 

I especially like the one on the left with the red cross!

After this, I started to look at engraving alphabets: 

I've got tons of great material to work with and I'm excited to get started on this next phase on the project! 


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