Your Path to Unshakeable Happiness

Book Description

Everyone wants to be happy.  But how? Your Path to Unshakeable Happiness provides the tools to successfully negotiate major life chanbes as well as enjoy unshakeable happiness in everyday life.  Twelve million practitioners worldwide have demonstrated in theiir lives that what is simply known as "the practice" can help you actualize that enlightened life state.

Through a story based on real world people, plus discussions based on actual life experiences, you will be give the tools to change your life.  Take the 90-day Challenge, and prepare to be surprised and fascinated by what happens in your life.

  Action: I am sending this to Mark Abrams for an evaluation and suggestions

Ideal Reader

 I have done the ideal reader exercise and am clear on who she is. Done

 I am tweaking my author bio both on Amazon and for the book cover.  By June 5

Media Angles:

   I am currently working on this.  nI've been writing out all the themes and messages in the book and will begin to research timely news items that tie into the themes.

   I will develop a media page by the end of June for my website

   Will start to research dream cov erage, where my ideal reader would hang out.  I know she likes fashion and succvess and leadership reading. will be researching their features and editors during July.

    By August 1, I want to be ready to pitch.

Already working on getting reviews through people I know.

    Once I have better bio and review of book description will tweak Amazon.  June 15th.


I already have a blog and am working to have consistent blogs.  Am learning many programs to work with this, pholtography, video and Wordpress. Have started to search out other blogs.  Joined Quora - this looks like a natural for me.

On June 5 am going to an all day seminar with Constant Contact to learn how to attract people to a newsletter, how to get them to take action and how to create an ethical bribe.

Power of Local:

   I have set of three festivals where I can sell my book between now and the end of September.  Now am going to contact local groups for talks.  Through June.

Easy Tweaks:

    Will do easy tweaks by June 7.