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Victor Quangvan

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Your Imagination Has No Limitation


Limitation or LMTN



I was watching a N.E.R.D. interview and when Shay was asked about the Beatles he said (paraphrasing)

"their music has no limitations, they could bring different sounds and make it sound perfectly with one another..."


The vision for this brand is to not only create t-shirt's & active wears but it's a part of becoming a media company. This is basically one side of the project. I have a blueprint on paper, still hashing out the details but a little glimpse into the future the company would eventually have film & television, podcast & print media. Hence the website url ""


Mission Statement

  • Motivate individuals to pursue their dream
  • To serve, influence and impact the world in a positive way


  • What's your limitation?
  • I have no limitation!
  • No Limitation!
  • No Limit
  • Your Imagination has no Limitation

Can't seem to choose the slogan... probably just go with all of them for now and wait to see what I think best fits this company. 


Style Guide:

Black & White


At the age of 17yrs - 22yrs High school kids possibly enter college or begin to work full time. Between this age I want them to see that anything is possible once you foucs and follow your dream. 

Between 23yrs - 33yrs most likely if not had graduate and work in their fields or their a college dropout. Well for both sides, if they come to a point where they want to pursing the dream now is the time and don't wait. 


  • Branding
  • Motivational - Sports theme - Soccer (world cup) Football- Basketball




Simple prints for now... still designing more. Looking foward to make some drifit !

Please leave any comments 



  • How many prints?
  • How many styles (jacket,dri fit, t-shirts, hoodies, beanie, hats)?
  • What are your color theme? Red, Blue, Black, white, gray, neon green, navy blue 
  • Why are we creating & selling these's items?



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