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Your Farmington Sunset

Hi, My name is John. I took the other class Jon gave on Lettering about a year ago and it really changed my life, it really did, not only did it give me a new hobby, but so much more, a passion for all things lettering! I had never tryed handlettering before joining his class, and now a year latter, I would NEVER even consider using computer fonts in my art anymore.

I have since devoured or read about 200 books on the subject, mostly old books from the masters of advertizing and sign painting...But I still have lots to learn so I am back!

I don't desire to be a grafic artist for a living, I build and sell guitars full time,( google "Red Dog Guitars" if you are interetested in the who's what's when's and where's)

For me lettering is a fun way to use as art when I make banners on my websites and or my friends websites.

enough chatter....I will post my project when I can. thanks and best part about the class is I get to check all the other students work out!

2-9-2014  Alright, here is my project.

I did this whole thing in about 2 hours from Idea to computer to done.

I do things a bit different than others, I just draw whatever comes to mind in pencil, sometimes on separete pieces of paper...then I scan them and live trace them and then move them around and see what I can build. I dont try to do it all perfect on paper.

I had a friend ask me if I would make a banner advertising for his Microphones. He makes and restores old vintage microphones under the Name "Rust-o-phonic."

 Hopefully this art helps convey the message.

Here is the raw work, I just went for a 1950's ribbon elvis presly microphone feel.

Here is what I came up with, It is about as close to what I saw in my mind at the very moment he asked me to make a banner, this is kinda what flashed across my mind....something electric and bold.

In case your wondering, "York , Penna" is how they use to write "York Pennsylvania", I did see his microphones were branded that way so I asked my dang self what that was!

 I also would like to add that I also only do things and art once, i dont like to try to re-better my art, if it flops, i just move on...i dont like to kill the creativity or be too clinical.I let my feeling express themselves,....I never "take imput"  or allow my freinds or people who I do art for pick designs or fonts or layouts...I just wing it.

I have leraned THE HARD WAY its way too hard to please people... so i just do and draw what I want to look at, and if it makes me happy, they will probaly like it becuse I am pretty critical of my own work, so once it passes my own wiff test,..thats it, it's done!

Time to go eat and move on to the living room to watch Dukes of Hazzard reruns.

And here below is a banner style art I made for the top of his webpages. I just drew upon from the same art, I just moved things around a bit.

 I think this one is RAD as can be!... or maybe i should use a question mark?

I think this is a great page header....What do you think?


Whelp, I think I am done with the class, I saw this photo online and thought it was cool so I made this quick banner for my facebook page...did it in about 15 minetes, just drew it with a pencil, and stuck it , nothing special, there was not much room as face book only gives you 315 pixels in hieght.. so i could not  go crazy, plus didnt want to mess the vette up...any more than it already is! i wish it would have been a better resolution photo, but was so captivating to see so I used it.

I got the middle font from a Dan X solo book, I have a couple of his Font books, they are so awesome!...the cursive I just made up on the spot!

latter daze, you can see me here

see you on the other side... take care all and Jon you rule!


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