#YoungGuruMixContest Young Guru x Skillshare contest: Neo Ballet


Young Guru x Skillshare contest:



Completed the Organizing a Mix unit using Ableton Live 9 Suite:

Arrangement view:

Session view:

Completed the Determining Levels unit. This unit was particularly fun and interesting because I like panning. The amount of Clav recordings allowed me to utilize depth panning as Young Guru suggested, to get that orchestra feel. The relationship between the bass and the drums could make or break the track, there is no reason to rush that step. 

Completed the Adding Effects unit. The best thing I learned in this unit is how to make a Kick stronger with more presence. Just don't over do it. Too much reverb and bass can obviously kill a mix by giving it a muddy & puffy feel.

Completed the Completing the Mix: Tonal Balance unit. Like Young Guru, I usualy don't put EQs in the masters but this this mix need it just to low pass filter at about 14k because of the over head mix. I like 1/4" tapes so I threw on the Kramer Master Tape plug-in by Waves as well.

Neo Ballet

As for the class project, I will be working on an original mix.

Finished my class project using an instrumental for an upcoming project.

This is the instrumental arrangement before i began to work on it.

Session view:

Mixing this instrumental was a combination of past experience and techniques I learned from this class.

I started with the drums and synth bass. Track 1 has a kick & tom combo and I'm sending that to a return track with a test oscillator signaling at about 61Hz. I can't express enough how important that technique is for me, and I certainly can't thank Young Guru enough. Finding the perfect for the synth bass was quite challenging, so I just took my time exploring all possibilities until I found the one that sat right with the kick.

Track 7 is an ARP 2600 V by Arturia, another tricky instrument in the mix. The challenge was to elevate it's level without irritating the ears of the listener. The waves SSL Channel plug-in allowed me to EQ/Compress/Gain appropriately.

Something I do a lot that wasn't mentioned by Young Guru is use low pass & high pass filters to get rid of unnecessary signals to clear up space at certain frequencies.

There are 2 drum loop samples in the mix. I wanted them to keep their raw element so no effects were placed on those tracks.

Apart from the sub kick return track, I also have reverb and delay. A number of different tracks are being sent to those tracks such as Snare1, the two overheads, an organ, and a keyboard.

Since I produced the beat, I already took significant action while mixing so the master channel would be left empty. As Young Guru expressed, leaving you master to a mastering engineer you trust is far better than anything you could do.

I really enjoyed this class and I'm more than excited to finish mixing the rest of the album thanks to Young Guru.

Link to my Final Mix and Original:



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