Young priest

Hello everyone, this is a project of a character to a RPG whose im playing. I decided to work with that becaus I had her story on hands, and that would be fun to work.

First step, sketch and first shading:

After that I continued the shading, adding more details and volume.

I tried to define the form of staff and hair, usually I have much difficulty whith these. After all I was really pleased with the result.

Step 2: final Shading

After that I started adding color to the picture, that was a fun moment, I really like this part and I dont have so many doubts about that.

At this moment I did a little change in her sholders, resizing that.

Then, after all I just did a full clean up and added the texture, I used some colth and leather texture to this picture.

was really pleased with the result.

Hope you enjoy.

Tell me what do you guys think, please.

I want to post the color variations soon.


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