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Young Sorceress


In this project I will try to make a young sorcerer.

The main things that she may carry along is a cape, a staff and a dagger.

Lets see what I will come with after the next phase.



Just selected ALL OF THEM to make some refinements... 

Hope you guys like it and give me some feedback!

Tomorow there is more... =)



Well.. It seems #4 has got more votes... since I don't have the time to work on more than one detailing.. here goes the variations for #4... I made 3 variations. 

Hope  you guys like it and help me with some feedback!

Tomorrow will be the day to finish it! =D



After the feedbacks I got from you guys, i did finish the piece.. I think... =D

Mixed 1 2 and 3 and got the final result as follow. Thanks guys!



Hi guys, finished the coloring process a few days ago, here goes the final version.

Hope you guys like it! 

Added a background, some sort of forest with a waterfall in a snowy weather.

Thank you guys so much for the feeback during the whole process.

Thanks Charlie Bowater for this amazing class. It is already in use in all my process for creating characters or objects now... =]

If you guys wish to keep track of my illustrations here goes my facebook page:

Bye and till next class!

Beto Lima


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