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Young Professionals Org

Hi everyone!

I'm so excited to take this class. Though I'm not a newbie in terms of experience, I am certainly a newbie in terms of having someone explain how FB brand pages are supposed to happen. My organization is the largest prof organization in Chicago. We are "staffed" by well-meaning volunteers who build something (or sorta build something) and then leave or get tired of it or....well, you get the idea.

So, I've recently taken over the blog, Twitter, and the FB page and I'm trying to build engagement in a way that gets us the right people. I'd love any insight about anything people see and suggestions! Metrics are all up since I've taken the helm, but I am really feeling my way in the dark here!

Our page is here

We've had a lot of luck with inspirational photos. More luck than anything else in terms of likes and virality. Unfortunately, as an organization with a volunteer staff, we don't have much/any budget to spend on ads. So, we have to do this in a way that doesn't cost money. Maybe that will change, but paid ads aren't a possibility right now.

The pages that I think are good examples are:

Tulsa's Young Professionals Page

Fayetteville Young Professionals Page (more for the fans actually writing things rather than the type of posts)

And the Mile High Young Professionals (for engagement percentage)

In the past, we've done some news stories and so on, not getting any engagement at all. But, I think I'll try more call and response type posts (as in "fill in the blank" and "What do you think?") and perhaps some user generated photos, but I'm not sure of what.



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