Young. Hopeless. Happy, after all

Young. Hopeless. Happy, after all - student project

Hi everyone! I'm Bri, although I kinda "brand myself" under the name Galas and I am a - wannabe - illustrator.


I am an Art History student, currently in my Master studies, split in two into the University of Milan and the University of Dresden. My dream has always been creating comics, but I come from a very conservative and judging parents who provided me enough CEN to let it go for a while and graduate. I've finally finished my thesis and my first impression is: WHAT THE HELL HAVE I DONE WITH MY LIFE.


Since Inktober I have an Instagram page and I posted frequently []. Since december I have the Skillshare abo. Today I decided to open the "Workshop" page and I found this incredbly interesting project - with deadline in an hour. It was way too interesting to let it go, though.

So my goal is follow every step and get the best out of it. I hope to be capable of:

- create a website

- be active on Youtube and Twitter

- select the info I really want to share on IG


Who's Galas? Galas is a chick in her late twenties struggling with twenties' stuff: depression, anxiety, procastinating, high expectations, perfectionism, diets, beauty standards, housemates. Loneliness and distance.

But Galas is also a goal.  Be what you want. If you don't, be what you can. Then be okay with that.


[I'm really sorry guys, I had seriously a short time to whatch the first lesson and do my project. Your work is awesome and so inspiring. I will do my best for real in the next session]