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Young Guru x Skillshare contest

Kamikaze - Original Compo 

The Song itself: I’ve written “Kamikaze” for one of my good friend going through some tough moments with a lady. Oh yeah y'all know what it is...especially when that lady is married! 

The equipment: My home studio is pretty basic. Recording is done in my bedroom. Treated with a couple of Auralex Prowall Max foam. A very old MacBook pro (covered with a pillow in order to attenuate fan and hard drive noises), a duet apogee 2 card, and a TLM103. That’s about it. And I mix in PT using headphones cause I have no spare room for my studio, and a little 4YO baby girl at home. ;))

The strugle: Well. Pretty much everything :)! From recording good vocals, both in terms of performance and quality of the sound, to the mixing process. I not sure I am good at "hearing frequencies" and it does conflicts a lot when you manipulate them wrong. For instance, vocals and acoustic guitars is pretty hard for me! And I never tried to mix a song with that much tracks. So the challenge was big, loved it! Not sur of the result but hope you still dig the song itself at the end!

I really wanted the voice to be a bit overdrived but could find a good balance between overdrived and inaudible :) It seems to me that vocals frequencies conflicts a lot with guitars. I treated vocals with EQ (high pass filter up to 127 and a cut around 2-3k to attenuate nasal crispy sound). Compressor, desser, saturation, reverb, stereo imaging and echo. 

I wanted the drum to be very present. On the unmixed version they sound so good. But then after treating all the others tracks, I felt I kinda lost that presence and struggle to get it back as I wanted to.

Piano and guitars are pan i order to maximize the space. 

A little maximiser on the mix to adjust levels.

And that's it. 

IIf I am honest, I will say that I am not satisfy with the result. Sound messy compare to the bomb track I had in my head. But I learnt a lot from this class and project and I wanted to deliver something and move on to a new song & mix.

The result: Unmixed:

And the result mixed:

And here are a few screenshot of the mess I put in my PT session haha!


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