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Young Guru x Skillshare contest

Just made it in the class before the September 4th deadline was up. Really excited to be learning under the same engineer who has not only given great advice from lectures I've attended previously (SAE Institute in Chicago), but someone whose work is pure inspiration as to why I do music in the first place.

The journey starts here...



Removing my mix settings from my Skillshare contest entry...

Gonna upload the full story about the mix/song in my new (edited) project gallery submission.

Overall, Young Guru had a lot of insightful advice through not only his technical abilities, but his metaphors and anecdotes to really drive home his points in the lessons.

Now, I really have what it takes to mix down my own records and do mixes for my fellow artists. I think I have a great shot at winning this contest.



From this point on I'll be discussing my song/mix entry, "Who Knew? / Summer F*ck", for the Young Guru x Skillshare contest.

I decided to go with GarageBand to record, edit and mix down my record because of my previous familiarity with the DAW. I understand that Logic would have been more beneficial for me in the long run, but I feel that I have enough time to learn the DAW going forward and I wanted to be sure I had a legitimate entry for this contest as this song is really something I feel could win the grand prize.

Moving forward, after I co-produced the record with my partner, Tone808's, I wrote and recorded the song shortly after. From there, I decided what feeling I wanted the song to emphasize and searched through a few presets of effects, guitar amps, etc. to see if anything stuck out to give it that creative boost I needed and fit the overall theme of the song (a crush-turned-relationship with a girl only to discover it was only physical attraction... which plays into the "Summer F*ck" section).

So here's a screenshot of what I had recorded on the Unmixed version:

The song clocks in around or a little bit over 6 minutes, but because of the transitions and switches in the song, I've received much feedback that it does not feel like a 6 minute listen. As the engineer and co-producer, I wanted to make sure the mix played a part in the experience to keep listeners interested and on their toes.

Overall, I feel the mix is definitely exemplary for my first-time using my new found skills through Young Guru's teachings. I hope that he feels the same way!

Here are the links for the UNMIXED and MIXED versions of my project/contest entry song, "Who Knew?":

Unmixed ---

Mixed ---


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