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Young Guru x Skillshare contest

I've been producing hip-hop music for about 25 years... man I'm old. Ha!

Anyway, the song I've submitted is a remix I did for a friend, Cash Hollistah (@cashhollistah), of his song "goRilla" (original version: I decided to take the song in a completely different direction...

The basis for the track grew out of a sample snippet !llmind shared via Twitter (@illmindPRODUCER). I built the instrumentation around that using keys and bass initially, along with drums.

Pro Tip: Whenever I work on a remix, I use the original song to set up my grid/bpm in my DAW and then line up the acapella so it's perfectly synced to the original (and thus, the grid as well) and anything I do moving forward fits perfectly.

I have to confess, the song is never in this state...

... because I start to add EQs, filters, delays, etc., as sound design tools from the get-go. Some of my favorites include:

D16 Decimort to give sounds a classic (usually SP-1200) drum machine/sampler edge, and

FabFilter Timeless 2 for delays. I'm a big fan of delays.

I added strings and vibes and proceeded on to the mix.

I like to use subgroups/stems to make balancing the main parts of a song easier, so I grouped the drums and strings (6 parts) into stems. I also like to use auxes to be able to use automation on a track, but still have the ability to simply mix in the track without having to change the automation.

I didn't do a ton of EQ or panning at this stage, but I did use

Waves Kramer Tape on my drums sub and the master bus to get some analog feel in there, and

Abbey Road RS127 to add/cut high frequency content w/ a little character.

I use the mixing stage of a project to finalize the arrangement; I can better conceptualize what I'm dealing with as the song starts to really take shape. I'll use combinations of editing and automation to finish the arrangement and give the song the emotional movement it needs.

Here are my entries:

Cash Hollistah - goRilla (Gruntwork remix; unmixed)

Cash Hollistah - goRilla (Gruntwork remix; mixed)

Thanks for checking my project out! It's been fun...


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