Young Guru x Skillshare contest (No Need Feat Jarell)

Organzied my tracks and on to the next step.

Vocal rides made it come together like the real Song. Very impressed with Guru's lessons

Check out the final mix, only EQ the stero buss, not limiting or mastering has been done.


Young Guru x Skillshare contest

No Need Feat. Jarell

Prod by: BranNu Co-Prod:Dkizzle and Codebluu

Vocals: Jarell

Mixed by Codebluu

Mixed Version: https://soundcloud.com/marty-codebluu-hart/no-need-feat-jarell-guru-mixx 

No Mix Version:https://soundcloud.com/marty-codebluu-hart/no-need-feat-jarell-guru-no


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